5 Tips to Keep Your Guests Warm During a Snowy Wedding

October 31st, 2017

A beautiful, fluffy layer of snow in the backdrop, warm and cozy fireplaces and glasses full of hot chocolate and vintage wine. Just the thought of winter weddings is enough to bring a smile on any bride’s face. However, even though this season is perfect for romantic, snowy weddings, proper planning is crucial to ensure your nuptials go through without a hitch. 

If you plan to have a winter wedding, then you ought to make the required preparations to keep yourself and your guests warm during the ceremony and the reception. Here are a few tips on how to keep your guests warm at a winter wedding:

Offer Scarves and Shawls

Winters in Edmonton can get really cold. So, if you plan to have your ceremony in a church or outdoors, then make sure there are ample fur shawls and silk scarves to go around to keep your guests comfortable. This will keep them warm and attentive during the ceremony and make it easier for them to get their pictures clicked outside.

Provide Comfortable Transportation

Irrespective of whether your guests have a personal vehicle or not, it is always good to have a few transportation options ready to take them from the church to the wedding reception venue. You can opt for a luxury car with heated seats or a comfortable minibus, depending on the size of your guest list.

Include Hot Chocolate in the Menu

Hot Chocolate

There is nothing better than sipping some piping, hot chocolate during the chilly weather. You can set up a separate hot chocolate counter with a s’mores station beside it or ask your caterers to serve hot chocolate throughout the reception to keep your guests warm during the reception. 

Light Up the Fireplace


No winter wedding is complete without a roaring bonfire. Turn on the fireplace to keep your guests warm during the reception. This can also be a great backdrop for taking pictures. You can either opt for a single massive fireplace or opt for small junctions with fire for guests to sit around. 

Say Yes to Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

Serving whiskey post-dinner is a practice that can never go out of style. When it comes to warmth, whiskey and wine always work well. Another interesting alternative is to serve Irish coffee which is not only delicious but also keeps your guests warm from the inside.

We hope this gives you ideas on how to keep guest warm at a winter wedding. To get more insights on how to plan a reception during the cold season, refer to our previous post on dos and don’ts for a winter wedding.