5 Tips To Throw A Spectacular Bridal Shower

June 22nd, 2017

What is the first thing you do when your best friend tells you she just got engaged? Squeal with joy and hug fiercely! But, beyond the squealing and the joyous dancing, there is also one crucial maid of honor/ bridesmaid duty that you have to carry out once your friend gets betrothed – Throwing a spectacular bridal shower.

A tradition from the days of yore, a bridal shower is a custom that has been carried forward since ages. Traditionally organized by the bride’s closest friends to compensate for her dowry, bridal showers today are fun and festive bashes filled with laughter, cupcakes and of course, Champagne. 

Here’s a complete bridal shower checklist to help you organize an amazing celebration for your friend:

  1. Form a Planning Committee

Be it a party of four or a party of fifty, organizing a wonderful bridal shower requires a lot of time and effort. The solution: planning, planning and some more planning. Get the mother of the bride and the bridesmaids together to form a planning committee and distribute all the responsibilities among yourself. Designate every member a specific task such as preparing a guest list, organizing a theme etc. to further streamline the process. You can also contact a wedding planner to get all the details right.

  1. Select a Theme

From nautical to Victorian, the list of themes for a bridal shower is endless. Pick a theme which is not only lovely but also suits the bride’s personality completely. Selection of the theme also depends on the shower’s venue. If you are picking a more outdoorsy theme like a garden party or a carnival, a small park will do. But if you’re looking to organize a more lavish affair, go for a gorgeous marriage banquet


  1. Make the Guest List

As much as we would like to disagree but a bridal shower is not just about the bridesmaids. Copy the contact list from your friend’s phone or steal their address book. Beg, borrow or steal the contacts of all the people that you want to invite to the bridal shower. Once you finalize the list with the mother of the bride, send them a Save the Date emailer, followed by a quirky invite for the shower.

  1. Revamp the Menu

Although a high tea has its own charm, bridal showers don’t need to be the formal affairs that they used to be. Have a little fun with the menu. Customize it according to your theme. Have gothic theme Choco chip pancakes or pizzas in edible takeout boxes. Tailor your best friend’s favorite cuisine to match the theme of the shower. 

  1. Décor-it

Be it tiny theme centric trinkets or large pictorial installations, décor is the key to setting the right mood. Customize each of the shower’s accessories including the tableware and the gifts according to the theme using some paper detail. Consult the venue crew to fit in all the decor details that you want for the shower. Our team at Mirage would be happy help you with any of your planning endeavors.

Include these pointers in your bridal shower checklist to arrange a light and bubbly event for your best friend.