5 Ways To Pamper Yourself Before Your Wedding Day

September 12th, 2017

The Wedding Day is the most awaited day in every girl’s life. And obviously, you want to do everything it takes to make sure it is a memorable one. But, amidst loads of shopping, fluctuating guest lists, managing and designing bridesmaids’ outfits, most brides end up feeling overwhelmed. And added to that, is the nervous feeling of getting into a completely different phase of life which can really stress brides out. 

Well, it’s completely normal to experience these feelings right before your nuptials and you can deal with them easily with a complete pre wedding pampering checklist. Let’s take a closer look at how you can pamper yourself a few days before your wedding:

Get A Massage


What better way to relax than getting a rejuvenating massage! Book an appointment with a massage therapist. You can call for an ‘In Home’ service if you are not feeling like going out or head to the nearest Spa and get a full body massage or a reflexology foot treatment. Spas offer a variety of packages for this express purpose. Just opt for a suitable bridal package and treat yourself to a good time.

Go For Some Food Therapy


Food Therapy

Good food is good mood. There’s no doubt that during the last few days of your wedding, you are bound to be in a little stress. But, allowing yourself some fine food is a good way to pamper your taste buds. You can actually call your fiancé to join in with you and head straight to your favorite restaurant. This could be another good way to have a romantic evening out with your loved one. Or if you love to cook, you can try making food of your choice and create a culinary experience ideally suited to your mood.



wedding day

Who doesn’t want to look just perfect on their wedding day? And no matter how pretty you feel, it does take some effort to look absolutely flawless. So make sure you get all the required beauty treatments done just before your wedding. This can include a facial, a hair spa, a hair cut if required, a manicure, a pedicure, a mineral bath, and whatever else you’d want to include. And yes, don’t forget to include some body polishing treatments in the list as well.




This might seem a strange addition to a pre wedding pampering checklist but meditation could just be the right way to pamper your mind. The ideal time to meditate is early in the morning but you can practice it whenever you feel a little stressed. Meditation can help you feel calm and composed and alleviate your wedding anxiety.

Have A Girl’s Night In!



Yes, girl’s night out is a cliché. So why not try a girl’s night in? It can be just as fun and give you a chance to spend some quality time with your girl pals. Host an impromptu bridal shower right at your home and get it catered with some delicious food options and light it up with some spectacular decorations. Our team at Mirage would be happy to help you with any of your wedding planning endeavors.

So these were a few ways to pamper yourself before your big day. In the meanwhile, if you still haven’t finalized on your reception theme, you can take some inspiration from our guides on how to select the perfect wedding venue and theme.