6 Fun Ways To Light Up Your Wedding

June 8th, 2017

If there is one thing that stresses out brides more than the choice of wedding colors, it is selecting the perfect lighting at the reception. We don’t blame them. Time is always pressing and the choices are way too many. Plus, it’s vital to keep in mind that the selection of the right wedding lighting goes beyond vanity to necessity. 

The lights needs to be abundant, strategically placed and oh, plain gorgeous! Correct lighting illuminates all the minor and major details of your wedding décor, gives your reception a happy vibe and results in the perfect bride portraits. 

Here are a few of our favorite wedding lighting ideas that would add that abundant glow to your special day:

  1. Candles


Nothing beats the old world charm of candles. If placed correctly, they can add mystery to any setting. Although float candles in water are one of the most common settings, you can also go for cluster bowls or suspend them from tall floral arrangements. The verdict is out on this one.

However, you should also keep the fire safety regulations in mind when using candles. Our experienced team makes sure your wedding décor plays out beautifully without any such violations.

  1. Floating Lanterns


Ladies, it’s time to re-live your Rapunzel Fantasy! Nothing says romance more than dreamy, floating lanterns. You can go for ethereal gas or oil lanterns, or you can use electric ones in your lighting canopy. Either way, the effect is just stunning.

  1. Lit up Trees

Call it a rule of thumb for wedding lighting. Greenery and lights always go together. String abundant fairy lights through the shrubberies or use adornments on potted plants, there is no wrong choice. Solitary, well-lit trees also add a mellow radiance to your décor.

  1. Canopies

This one is a classic for a reason. Canopies are an excellent way to ensure lavish lighting throughout your reception and are especially well suited for night affairs. Unobtrusive and radiant, canopies can be done with multiple layers and designs depending on your taste and requirement. 

  1. Chandeliers

There is a reason Sia wrote a song about it. Chandeliers are quite simply majestic. Combining the best of both worlds, they are cost effective as well as regal. They light up any space perfectly and add a touch of royalty to your wedding décor.

  1. Color-Washed Walls

Contemporary and chic, color-washed walls would certainly make the top of the list of wedding lighting ideas. Color-washed walls are dynamic and add a touch of vibrancy to your décor. You can customize them according to the wedding colors or play with their effects for special moments like the cake cutting ceremony or the bridegroom dance. The floor is literally yours!

When it comes to wedding lighting, ideas are abundant. It’s the execution and the location that sets them apart. Mirage Banquet provides you the perfect venue to showcase your festivities and makes your wedding unforgettable.