5 Unique Ideas To Announce Your Engagement

September 29th, 2017

engagement announcements

He finally went down on one knee and proposed! Your world has turned into a whirlwind of emotions. You and your fiancée are eagerly looking forward to your big day.  And now you want to share your joy with the world. These days, couples resort to all sorts of crazy ways to announce their engagement to their near and dear ones. Let’s take a look at some unique engagement announcement ideas. 

Go The Selfie Way

These days people make their engagement announcements on social media in a variety of ways. You can stand out in the crowd by simply posting a selfie with the ring and him with only the ring in focus and everything else blurred. The ring will make the message loud and clear whereas the mystery person in the blurred space will get everyone curious.

engagement announcements on social media

Let Your Pet Do The Talking

Don’t we all love our pets? And for those of you who don’t have them, you certainly are missing out on something precious. Well, you can hang a board around your dog or cat saying, “My humans are getting married” or simply, tie balloons saying ‘Just engaged’ around their neck. This will make all your friends go ‘awww’ for sure.

Say It With A T-Shirt

These days couple t-shirts are all the rage. There are all kinds of them available in the market. You too can get one customized with a cute engagement message on them. The message could be something like ‘Mr’ on your fiancee’s t-shirt and ‘Future Mrs’ on your t-shirt. Then get a photo-shoot done wearing those couple t-shirts.

Use Scrabble 

If you don’t like too much pomp and show, then you can do this the simple way. Just use your scrabble checkers, and your engagement ring to come up with an interesting message. Use the letters L-O-V-E and place the engagement ring in place of ’O’. This is a simple and a sweet way to communicate the message to the world. 

The Magazine Cover 

Nowadays, there are multiple applications which give you the option of getting your photo affixed on a template of a famous magazine. You can use this concept to get a picture of you and your fiancé on the magazine cover and add a title saying ‘Engaged’. This way you get to make a style statement with this creative engagement announcement idea.

These were a few cool ways to announce your engagement. For those of you will be tying the knot in a year’s time, you can refer to our guide on buying the perfect the wedding dress