4 Dining Etiquettes Prerequisite While Attending a Corporate Event

December 19th, 2017

Are you invited to a corporate event, and plan to impress everyone with a professional image? If yes, then read on. Corporate events demand certain etiquettes from every professional. Sophisticated behavior is a must when you are at a corporate event venue. While most professionals can handle greetings and conversations at business events, many of them fail to hold on to the etiquettes at the dining table. 

At formal dinners, you cannot interact as you do at your family gatherings. Complaining loudly about the food or drinking too much will not get you any appreciation from other businessmen present at the corporate event venue. To avoid any unfortunate consequences/untoward event at formal events, here we acquaint you with some dining etiquettes that you should follow: 

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Introduce Yourself at the Table

Unless you are a Pablo Isla or a Warren Buffet, no many know you, except your colleagues and associates. Hence, you cannot sit at the table without introducing yourself. Introduce yourself to everyone at the table before occupying your chair. This is one of an essential aspect of business dining etiquettes. You must also shake hands while introducing yourself if there are fewer occupants at the table. 

Know How to Use Napkins

Yes, the napkin is meant to be on your lap. But, during formal dinners, you cannot unfold it and place it on your lap immediately after the seating is completed. You must wait for the host to do it first, and you can then follow the lead. If you need to briefly step away from the table, then place the napkin on the chair seat or arm. At the meal’s end, you must fold your napkin and place it to the left of your plate setting. Make sure you don’t use the napkin when coughing or sneezing. 

Handle Utensils Like a Pro

Many people are unaware of the function of utensils, especially different spoons and forks while dining. The small spoons and forks are meant for hors-d’oeuvres, and others can be used for the main course or the entree. Deciding which spoon, fork, or knife to use is also made easier by the outside-in rule. 

Use the ones place on the outside first and then proceed to the utensils placed inside. Your water glass is always above the knife, so do not confuse it with the drinks glass. The continental style of handling utensils prevails for all formal meals. Hold your fork in the left hand with tines downward. And, hold your knife in your right hand with the index finger extended along the blade. When you finish your meal, rest them at five o’clock with tips pointing at ten o’clock. 

Some Additional Table Manners to Bear in Mind 

Apart from basic dining manners, you must know things like how much to eat and how to leave in between from the table to ensure you don’t foil any dining etiquettes accidentally. Start eating only when everyone has been served or when the host asks you to begin. Leaving the table in between without saying a word can seem rude. Say an ‘excuse me, I’ll be right back’ before you briefly disappear from the table. Additionally, light eating and drinking must be practiced while attending formal events. 

Keep these dining etiquettes to ensure you can create a stellar impression on your network of associates at the next formal dinner or lunch. If you wish to host a business event, then get in touch with us at Mirage Banquets