A Bride’s Dream Guide For Selecting The Perfect Wedding Venue

June 15th, 2017

Just like real estate, when it comes to organizing the wedding of your dreams, it all comes down to: Location, Location, Location. There is just no way around it. Finding the perfect venue is the cornerstone on which you can build your décor, seating arrangement and of course, the entrance.

Here are a few key pointers to keep in mind while choosing a wedding venue:


When it comes to your wedding venue, the shoe has to fit. The site has to be roomy enough to perfectly match your guest list. Err on the side of benign while choosing the space and always pick the one which is slightly larger than your requirement. This is because the area may seem enormous when empty, but will quickly fill up once you start placing the table, the chairs, the deck and the bar. 

A larger area also gives you the creative freedom to amp up your wedding décor and leave enough space for the guests to move around and interact. Mirage Banquet offers you multiple spaces to hold your feast in and decorate.

Separate Territories

To make sure your ceremony goes flows perfectly without any interruptions, it’s important to mark your territories in the venue. The venue should have distinctly marked areas for the guests to dance, interact and enjoy their meals. Separation of these areas makes sure all the important ceremonies like the first dance and the cake cutting take place flawlessly without the guests feeling a space crunch. 


Even if you dream of having a Troian Bellisario’s #FortDay style bohemian wedding, privacy is crucial. Although it does vary from couple to couple, basic privacy needs like distinct bride and groom suites are a must. For outdoor affairs, make sure the venue is well out of sight from the main road. For people who really love intimate, quaint affairs, try booking the venue when there are no other festivities taking place at the banquet hall.



Correct lighting elevates your wedding décor and adds sunny vibes to the ceremony. If you are opting for a day event, make sure the venue has abundant natural lighting. Check if the venue offers LED and other options of lighting. Visit the venue at the time your wedding is going to take place to get a better idea of the same.  


A wedding ceremony overlooking a dirty ditch is not any bride’s fantasy. The view goes a long way in determining the vibe of the event. Be it your dazzling city skyline or rolling beachy waves, having a spectacular view is definitely plus when it comes to selecting your wedding venue. 


Acoustics of the place are also an important factor. Too much echo might make the band sound strange. While wooden floors and ceramic tiles amplify sound, woollen carpet muffles it. Keep these factors in mind while choosing a wedding venue. 

Plan B

As much we hate to think about it, but don’t forget Murphy’s Law while planning your wedding. It’s always advantageous to pick a place that offers secondary arrangements if the first venue goes awry. Just in case. 

Mirage Banquet with its ample amenities like surround sound, in-house catering team, and built-in bar and dance decks helps you create the wedding of your dreams and make your event a memorable one.