A Complete Best Man Duties Checklist

July 18th, 2017

If your friend, cousin, or brother has tagged you to be his best man, you have a lot of responsibilities riding on your shoulders. The list of things that you need to do start from the day your friend announces his engagement to the day he says I do.

Here is a complete best man checklist to keep handy till the D-Day arrives:

Plan the Bachelor Party

Your best friend deserves a grand celebration of the last few days of his bachelorhood. Decide the theme and decór with your other friends and throw the bachelor party that he’ll remember for years to come. Don’t forget to surprise him with a customized cake.

Be His Adviser

The groom-to-be is going to be super-confused about most of the things as the wedding day gets closer-and-closer. Be his helping hand, take some responsibilities on your head. Assist him in finding the right attire for the events, especially the tuxedo for his wedding. Whether it’s picking out a tie, shoes or socks, he’s gonna have an abundance choices and you are the only who can help him sort through the clutter.

Help With The Wedding Venue

This is an important one! Take up the pain of researching and helping your best friend find the best venue for his special day. Or, you can do walkthroughs at different venues to book the perfect one well in advance. Our team at Mirage provides a complete inspection of the venue to help you make the right decision with more ease. You can also throw the bachelor’s party at the venue itself to make sure all the services are as per your friend’s needs.

Help Him Find A Gift

Finding the wedding gift for his better half can be a daunting task for your best friend. But if you do it together, you both can surely find a marvelous gift. A sparkling Tiffany ring or a stunning Armani belt, be there to help him decide the right wedding gift for his bride.

Recommend Honeymoon Destinations

A honeymoon is a time that brings two newlyweds closer together. Honeymoon is also a good stressbuster after the tiring wedding planning. You can take up the responsibility of choosing the perfect honeymoon destination for the newlyweds. Research and find the best honeymoon destinations across the globe that fit in their budget, talk to a pro travel agent, make the reservations, and create a romantic itinerary for their trip.

Craft the Best Man’s Speech

There are generally very rare moments when a man is in tears. You can create one by delivering a lovely, heart-warming speech. Share your memorable moments with the bride in front of the crowd and tell her what an amazing person her man is.

Be The Photographer

Although your friend is bound to hire a wedding photographer for the D-Day, click a few candid shots during the tuxedo fittings and other preparations of the wedding. You can create a special collage or a complete album of beautiful candid moments and gift it to the couple on their special day. To make the process of selection easier, you can also share the contact details of reliable wedding photographers that capture amazing photos and fit your friend’s budget.
Be the official witness

After the ceremonies, it’s time for signing the marriage documents. Make sure you stand by them and sign as a witness for the newlyweds. Someone should be held responsible for the act!

Add these tasks to your best man checklist, roll up your sleeves and get prepared to help your friend take the biggest step of his life.