An Expert’s Guide for Planning Corporate Events

November 28th, 2017

Corporate Events

Planning an exclusive corporate event is no easy feat. It takes smart planning, strategizing and executing to make an event like this successful. From choosing the right event venue to arranging the keynote speakers, everything needs to be executed flawlessly. 

A corporate event is usually attended by the top-tier management and supervisors from various departments and in some cases, even operational heads from the overseas divisions of your organization participate in this event. Hence, you need to pay attention to every single detail of the event. To help you successfully plan the upcoming convention, we’ve have put together this comprehensive guide for planning a corporate event: 

Define the Purpose of Your Event

Usually, corporate events have a set agenda as proposed by the top management of your organization. Based on the agenda, you need to understand the key deliverables that the stakeholders are expecting. This agenda could be the annual company event where the vision for the next year is revealed or the roll-outs of new programs and initiatives are announced. Based on the agenda, the logistics of your venue and arrangements can then be decided.

Chalk out a Timeline

The next step is to plan a tentative timeline that ensures you meet all your deadlines. You can list down all the tasks that need to be completed and allot deadlines for each of these tasks. A systematic timeline will help you stay on track throughout the process of organizing the event.

Set a Budget

Based on the agenda, the corporate event venue and the number of attendees set a reasonable budget. In some cases, the organization has already set the budget prior to the event planning. Once you know your budget, then you can allocate funds to each and every aspect of the event.

Find the Perfect Corporate Event Venue

The venue for your corporate event should ideally be located near your organization. You should make the booking for the venue at the earliest, as good banquet halls get booked very fast.

Arrange for Catering

Food and refreshments are an integral part of any corporate event. So, make sure you choose a good catering service for the big day. If you do not want to go through the hassle of searching for catering services, then you can select a venue which provides its own food arrangements.

Plan for Attendee Engagement Activities

When you invite a large number people to attend an event, there needs to be some form of employee engagement activity in place. You can build lounge areas throughout the exhibition hall and the main conference area for employees to interact and network.

Decide on a Promotional Strategy

To attract the maximum number of attendees, you can plan for interesting online and offline activities. You can start this by creating a compelling event website and have postings for the same on all social media platforms.

We understand that planning a corporate event is a major task and requires exceptional organizational skills. Following these steps and practices will ensure that you pull off a great convention. To know more about organizing a corporate event, get in touch with our representatives at Mirage Banquet.