5 Questions To Ask Before Finalizing A Ceremony And Reception Venue

April 5th, 2018

Ceremony and Reception Venues

Finalizing a ceremony and reception venue is arguably the most exciting activity that goes into wedding planning. While this is true, there is a lot that could go wrong. And, since you don’t want to ruin such an important life event, you need to be prudent in your search. To safeguard your interests and the memories to come, we urge you to ask these questions at prospective ceremony and reception venues.

1) What’s the Capacity?

This is almost a no-brainer, but it still had to be listed down. If you want to invite 250 guests, you need a hall that not only accommodates these guests but also leaves behind additional space. After all, you don’t want the guests to struggle in a stuffy hall. Instead, you want them to breeze through the experience. Thus, enquire about the capacity and finalize a hall that can accommodate more than you actually need.

2) What about the Sound Arrangement?

Does the venue have a sound system with speakers in place? Are there any noise restrictions that are applicable to the venue? Does the venue accommodate a live band or a DJ? There are several questions to ask regarding audiovisual arrangements for your wedding. To ensure your event flows smoothly, make sure the ceremony and reception venue provide these facilities.

3) Where’s the Food?

That’s the question your guests will be asking somewhere into the ceremony, and you can’t avoid it.Enquire if the reception venue has an in-house caterer present. If they have catering available, it’s important to ascertain their culinary scope. Ask if they can arrange a tasting session for you. If you wish to craft a personalized food and drinks menu, then ask the caterer at the banquet if they can accommodate such arrangements.People love their food and drinks. So, as long as they are filled and the drinks glimmer down the glasses the smiles remain intact.

4) What’re the Facilities for Accommodation?

It’s important to be sure about the facilities available for the bride and the groom to get ready for the occasion. While you’re at it, have a look at the dressing rooms and the quality of the in-house arrangements. Getting ready for your wedding is not an activity that befits a crammed room, look for convenience and luxury from your ceremony and reception venue.

5) What’s the Price?

This is the last entry on here because quality ceremony and reception venues don’t come cheap. Still, you should make the necessary comparisons. Also, be very clear about the breakup of the many costs that are applicable. After all, you do not want to blow off your budget due to the nasty ‘hidden costs’.

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