5 Tips To Throw Your 25th Anniversary Bash

June 27th, 2018

Party Venues

It is a special feeling when you know you have spent 25 long years together with your soulmate. Being a great support to each other over the years, definitely calls for a celebration. A bash at a lavish party venue with amazing food and your loved ones makes for a great 25th anniversary celebration. Here are five essential tips to make this occasion another addition to your treasure of memories:

1) Make A Guest List

The guests set the atmosphere for an occasion like this. You don’t want to miss out on all those people who have been around and have played a unique role in making your marriage a beautiful journey. Grab a pen and paper and make a list of guests you want to be with on this special day. It doesn’t matter whether there are many such people or a handful of them, their presence means a lot to you.

2) Decide your Budget

Deciding on a budget is the most vital part of planning your anniversary bash. Whether you want to throw a lavish party or you want to have a small celebration with family and friends, you need to set a budget accordingly. Also, set aside a small percentage of your budget to account for any unexpected expense that may arise while planning or executing the event.

3) Find the Perfect Party Venue

Booking a party venue is the most important part of planning any occasion. Before finalizing the venue, take into consideration, your budget, the type of anniversary party you want to throw, and the number of guests. You will be required to book the venue early, else you may lose out on the best party venues.

4) Decorate the Venue

Decorate the venue to fit in a chosen theme like the one that complements the idea of a 25th-anniversary bash or the couple’s story. You can choose from various themes such as silver anniversary theme, honeymoon theme, or an elegant black and white cocktail party. You can decorate the venue with all the beautiful moments captured in the camera over all these years. Add some flowers, candles, and custom lighting to give it an intimate feel.

5) Decide the Menu

Any celebration is incomplete without good food and drinks. The menu adds zest to an already fabulous party. You may want to consider a venue that offers catering services and helps you customize the menu as per your requirements. Include a variety of food and drinks that cater to all taste buds. Make sure you take guest preferences and any allergies into account while deciding the menu.

Making plans beforehand eliminates the eleventh-hour hassle. It gives you a lot of time to include all the things that you visualized for when you planned to throw a party on completing 25 years of your married life. Contact Mirage Banquets to help you to make your dream 25th-anniversary celebration into a reality.