4 Corporate Christmas Party Ideas Your Employees Will Love

April 13th, 2018

Corporate Event Venue

Christmas is the time where people come together and celebrate the festive spirit. Food, joy, gifts, and love is shared all around and people bond over the traditions and rituals. This celebratory spirit can be extended to corporate workspaces, where the staff comes together to enjoy the festivities. And, nothing can be a better way to do this by organizing a workplace Christmas party. If you’ve banked upon a corporate event venue, then given below are some ideas that can add a spark to your office Christmas party.

Food Fests

Delicious food and warm drinks signify Christmas time. Organize a food themed party for the employees, where they can relish the traditional holiday foods. Cookie baking contests are fun activities to enjoy some warm, yummy cookies. You can also have stall arrangements within the corporate event venue, where your employees can indulge in foods like pizza, hot dogs, and sliders. Christmas is also synonymous with warm coffee, hot chocolate, holiday flavored cocktail and other such hot and cold beverages. A bar can be set up to serve all such drinks to go with the grand holiday feast.

Game Nights

Game nights are a fun way to bring together all the employees to let them have some fun while also learning crucial lessons about team spirit. Games like scavenger hunts, card games, and board games can be organized at the venue.. Beer ping pong or poker can also spice up the party. You can also decide to have a mix of games with an area can be reserved retro games like the Grape Escape, Gator Golf, and Mr. Jumanji to bring in the 90s vibe. A PlayStation can also be set up, and people can indulge in some of the contemporary games.

Masquerade Balls

A masquerade ball is another option to organize something fun. People can either bring in their own masks or can get them at a mask station in the party. You can also add in a dress code and have a photo booth. This can be combined with a Winter Wonderland themed venue to add to the elegant flair.

Movie Marathons

There are many Christmas movies to binge watch on the holiday. Have a warm, cozy set up of bean bags and plush couches to plan a movie night with classics like It’s a Wonderful Life, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and A Christmas Story. Throw in some typical movie foods like popcorn, chips, and sodas to have a quiet but a traditional Christmas party.

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