Here’s Your 80s Theme Wedding Guide

August 16th, 2018

Creative Wedding Reception

The raving 80s reminds us of many things such as the royal wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. It was one of the most talked about weddings in the 80s and set the tone for a whole lot of other weddings in that decade. Well, if you are here you most certainly are familiar with the iconic elements of the 80s. Be it the music, dressing style, makeup, or the distinct cultural symbols such as cassettes, and rubik’s cubes. The 80s is also reminiscent for its rave culture. You could easily come up with a creative wedding reception with an 80s theme. Here is a basic guide to help you go about it:

Wedding Dress

Take a look at Princess Diana’s wedding outfit, the 80s wedding gowns were all about volume. With her train 25-feet long, she took bridal couture to a whole new level. Hair poufs, shoulder pads, and ruffles were an integral part of the 80s ethos. You could probably think of using satin for the gown or opt for lacy bibs and high necklines on a regular wedding outfit.

Table Setting and Centrepieces

There’s a lot that you can do for your 80s themed wedding reception. Use neon colored centerpieces. Break the rules and go for a rave party feel as the 80s was all about ‘breaking free’. Don’t we all love that song by Queen – I want to break free? Bring an interesting twist to the conventional wedding setup with bright colored rubik’s cubes, cassettes, and flowers.


For the decor, you could consider shortlisting some of your favorite 80s movies and use elements from those movies to decorate your wedding venue. If you are an ardent Star Trek fan, then there is no turning back, go all out crazy with spaceships and planets. Get your serving staff to be dressed in the uniforms of the U.S.S. Federation. And, don’t forget to throw some focus on the highly rational Valkans from the series.

Pre-wedding Shoot Ideas

80s was also all about Rock bands and famous music artists like Guns and Roses, Queen, Van Halen, Billy Joel, Police, and many more. You can conceptualize your wedding shoot around the rock band theme. Get yourselves dressed as jazzy musical artists or simply opt for casual 80s fashion with oversized business suits, and Dwight Schrute-esque glasses.


Make your already creative wedding reception ultra hip with an amazing collection of 80s songs. If you feel your guestlist will comprise of millenials who would appreciate contemporary music, then have a mixed playlist of the 80s, 90s, and songs post the year 2000.

We hope you enjoyed reading this 80s wedding theme guide. Keep watching this space for more on weddings, parties, and corporate events.