Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Wedding Caterer

August 25th, 2017

There’s an Irish Proverb says that ‘The laughter is brightest where the food is best.’ And, wedding buffets are no exception. Your wedding feast is a part of the evening which every guest enjoys completely. As great food not only satisfies your hunger pangs but also acts as an ingredient that brings your guests together and gives them an opportunity to bond and converse freely.

Good food is good mood. Excellent catering brightens up the aura at your wedding and lets you enjoy the ceremony with delight. Your catering bill also adds up to at least a third of your wedding budget. Hence, it is important to make sure you choose a caterer who not only creates a memorable menu but also serves it with love. 

Here’s a checklist for a wedding caterer including specific topics on which you should ask the questions:

About The Wedding Date

The first question is a little obvious but it’s surprising how frequently couples move on to tasting and other details without enquiring about the open dates. Ask the caterer about the dates on which he is available during the month of your wedding. Try to accord these dates with the days your wedding venue is accessible.

A really convenient way to do this is to request your venue team for referrals of good caterers that coordinate with the staff directly. This way, you don’t need to worry about the licenses and permits required and can access past referrals for these caterers directly. Exclusive wedding venues like Mirage Banquet also offer in-house catering options, providing you access to superb caterers with absolute ease. Consult our team to know more about our delightful wedding menus. 

delightful wedding menus

Catering & Presentation 

Once you have compiled a list of caterers with great referrals that are available on your wedding date, enquire about the budget. What is the cost per plate? What are the services included in their package? Will they provide the servers and the silverware?

When it comes to serving good food, never underestimate the power of presentation. Once you have confirmed the budget, ask the caterers about the types of menus they offer. Are there any theme specific catering options? Do they provide décor services for the eating area? Will you get samples? Do they charge separately for children’s meals? Most importantly, inquire about the wedding cake and the options and fillings they offer and the serving style for the same.

 serving style for the same.

Beverage Options

It’s not a celebration if a few glasses are not clinking together. Make sure your caterer has the necessary licenses to serve alcohol. If you’re opting for an open bar, request him for a complete selection of alcohol, cocktails and mocktails that they offer. Will they tend the bar? Are there separate charges for non-alcoholic drinks? If you’re planning to have the drinks served at the tables, ask them about the charges for servers and the duration of attending. 

 serve alcohol

Logistical Details

These are the tiny details that make your wedding picture perfect. Enquire about the types and the varieties of linens and silverware that they offer. What is the servers per table ratio? What is the uniform the staff would be wearing? Do they also prepare wedding favors or return tokens? What are the different kinds of options they offer for the same? Be it chocolate covered strawberries or tiny monogrammed chocolate hearts, these tiny tokens make your ceremony memorable for every guest.

chocolate covered strawberries

Include these questions in your checklist for a wedding caterer to make sure you pick the perfect one for your special day.