What To Look Out For While Choosing A Wedding Photographer?

June 9th, 2017

Oh, Snap! This is a sound nobody wants to hear on their wedding day, especially with regards to the photography. The only sound you want to hear is Snap, Snap, Flash, and Snap! Onomatopoeic harmony aside, a wedding photographer does much more than simply click pictures of your special day. 

Your wedding portraits are memories for a lifetime. A good wedding photographer not only makes sure your ceremony is well documented but also has the style and expression that you are looking for. And, unlike your wedding flowers, lighting and food, this is not something you cannot touch, feel or smell beforehand. Therefore, it’s really important to select a professional that you can trust and depend on.

Here are a few key points that should definitely be on your wedding photographer checklist:

Settle your Style

Before you start with the search for a photographer, finalize the visual style that you want for the event. Deciding the photography style will help you narrow down on other aspects of your wedding including décor and lighting and make your search for the ideal shutterbug easier. Though the list is endless, here are some common styles that you can choose from:

  • Documentary

  • Portraiture

  • Natural Light

  • Fine Art

  • Edgy 


Research more about these styles to select your favorite one. Of course, you can select a unique option that’s not on the list or go for a mix ‘n’ match of the basic ones. The world is your oyster. The only question to keep in mind is, ‘is this how you want to remember your wedding day?’


No better way to look for a photographer than asking your married friends and family members about it. You can also look them up on different wedding photographer listings. Always check the reviews provided by previous clients while looking for a professional online. 

You can also consult the team managing your wedding venue for the photographers that have shot the space previously. This way you can make sure the photographer knows the layout of the space beforehand. Our team at Mirage would be happy to help with any of your wedding planning endeavors.


Set up interviews with multiple professionals and review their body of work carefully. You can judge their photography based on some simple parameters like the balance of colors in their pictures, the creativity with which the shots are taken and the way the album is compiled and the overall theme in their albums, how well it is brought out. Pick the one that meets most of these parameters.


This is a crucial pointer to include in your wedding photographer checklist. However talented she is, if you don’t click with her instantly, hiring her is a bad idea. The photographer should be able to understand your vision for the day and respect your expectations from the pictures. She should also be able to convey her inputs comfortably, without hesitation.

Offered Rates

Just like shoes, when it comes to picking the perfect wedding photographer, don’t settle for the first one you like. Compare and contrast rates from different professionals and select the one whose work and offered price both fit the bill.


Don’t forget to enquire about when final deliverables will be provided along with their quantity. Also, ask about the copyright and licenses associated with these images. Most contracts grant the professionals complete usage rights to their work. This means they can use these for promotional purposes as well. If you don’t want that, discuss it with your photographer beforehand. 

Selecting the right photographer eliminates an important task from your wedding checklist. To cross off venue selection as well, visit Mirage Banquet today.