Move Beyond The Traditional Cake With These Unconventional Wedding Dessert Ideas

March 5th, 2018

It’s true that the traditional wedding cake will never go out of style. But, your wedding is an event that’s uniquely yours. You customize every aspect of your wedding – from the décor and music to food and your dress – to make the event personalized. Then, why settle down with the usual white cake?

Today, brides and grooms are moving beyond the classic cake and including a range of sweet treats to give the event a personalized touch. Whether you’re a donut fan or you love pies and cookies because it reminds you of your childhood days, you can ask your wedding caterer to help you incorporate some unconventional desserts in your wedding menu.

If you’re ready to give your classic wedding dessert a creative twist, then here are some ideas to consider:

A Cake of Waffles

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Love the Belgian chocolate waffle or do you like the blueberry flavor? Whichever you do, waffles make for a great dessert and goes well with any kind of wedding. Give the traditional cake cutting process a creative twist, by stacking up waffles together and drizzling syrup over them together.

Ice Creams and Sundaes

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Ice creams are an all-time favorite. They are the perfect choice for a summer wedding. Offer a range of ice cream flavors for all taste buds. You may even consider offering waffle sundaes with toppings like berries and sprinkles to appeal to every guest’s taste buds.


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Parfaits don’t only make for a great dessert, but can also help you engage your guests. You can serve fruit and yogurt parfaits and also have a live counter to let the guests create their own. If you’d want your guests to revisit their childhood memories, then you may want to consider a pudding parfait in sleek, fancy glasses.


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Who doesn’t love a good donut? Glazed, frosted, or cake donuts, whatever the choice, everyone’s usually up for donuts. For your wedding, you can have a wall of donuts or simply create a donut tower to give it the look of a cake.

Rice Krispies Cake

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Want some dessert idea that stands out and also resembles the traditional cake? Then you can opt for the rice krispies cake. The cake is delicious and light and can be molded into any shape. You can serve it bun cases or shape it to look like a traditional wedding cake.

Wedding Pies

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Love the traditional pies? How about having a cake of pies? You can dig into your favorite pie together with a tower of assorted pies. Alternatively, you can have pie cups, pie pops, or mini pies passed around. You can also have a single-layered wedding pie on every table.

So, these were some unique dessert ideas to help you make your wedding a memorable event. If you’re in search of a good wedding caterer to help you create a personalized menu, then get in touch with us at Mirage Banquets.