Peek-A-Shoe: Tips To Select The Perfect Wedding Shoe

July 24th, 2017

Now we all have some Cinderella fantasies regarding our wedding shoes, but there is a reason the beautiful princess had to leave her crystal sandals behind. And it has nothing to do with romance but plain old convenience. Most brides when asked about their dream wedding shoe respond with a similar answer: sparkly, drop-dead gorgeous, sky-high heels. 

And though, stilettos and T-straps have charms of their own, they don’t always make for perfect wedding shoes. Your wedding shoe is an essential accessory that completes your bridal outfit and makes sure you can glide away your special day with grace and panache. Therefore, it’s important to pick a pair which is gorgeous as well as comfortable and perfectly suited for your feet.

Here’s a complete wedding shoe guide to help you pick the perfect one for your special day:

  1. Comfort is Key

When it comes to selecting the ideal wedding shoes, comfort always triumphs style. This is because these shoes are meant for walking and if you can’t do that in them comfortably, it defeats the entire purpose of having them. Pick shoes that suit your feet structure and are super-easy to walk in. If you’re having an outdoors or beach wedding, avoid wearing skinny-heeled shoes altogether. Experiment with stylish wedges to get that extra height without sinking your feet in sand or mud.

  1. Something Blue

Why not make your wedding shoes, your something blue, pink or even black? Although most brides opt for traditional white or beige shaded shoes, you can stray from the status quo and experiment with some brightly colored shoes to add a little sass to your wedding outfit.


  1. Have a Spare

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere and as much as we hate to admit even on your wedding day. So, in case the heel breaks or the straps come undone, keep an extra pair of shoes handy to wear if your wedding shoes are ruined.


  1. Have a Test Run

Wait! We are not actually recommending running in your bridal shoes, but it is always good to have a test run in these beauties. Wear them through the rehearsal dinner or in the final dance practice at the wedding venue but make sure you don’t try them on for the first on the day of the ceremony. 

You can also do a complete walk through the marriage banquet you have booked to make sure you can walk comfortably through the ceremony and the reception areas of your wedding venue. Our team at Mirage would be happy to help you with any of your planning endeavors.


  1. Get Some Shoe-Cessories

Never underestimate the utility of shoe cushions and pads. These cushions not only improve the fit of your shoes but also ensure you can wear them throughout the day without getting nasty shoe bites and toe cramps. Buy them online or get them customized by your shoe retailer, the only wrong choice is not getting them.

Include these pointers in your wedding shoe guide to tango your way through your special day. If you are having trouble picking the right bridal colors or finding an ideal wedding venue, you can also refer to our complete guides on the same.