Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress On A Short Notice

October 4th, 2017

perfect wedding dress

For a generation that does everything on impulse, getting married on a whim is not that big a surprise. If you are one such bride to be, then you have very little time to prepare for your big day. From deciding the venue for your reception to writing down your vows and doing all the wedding shopping, everything has to be completed in a short span of time. And, the biggest challenge among these tasks is finding a dress on short notice. For an express bride-to-be, we have a few tips and suggestions that can help you sail through:

Wear Your Legacy


Sometimes, if the luck is in your favor, your grandmother or mother would have preserved their own wedding dresses. You can just take their dress, get it dry cleaned and do a few alterations to ensure it fits you perfectly. You can also turn on your creativity and try tweaking the design of the dress to turn it into a contemporary, new wedding outfit. Wearing your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress will also add an emotional value to your outfit which a newly purchased gown can never have. And the best part is, this will save you from the endless queues at bridal stores. 

Look For Pre-Owned Options


Purchasing a new wedding dress from a designer, bridal store is not an easy task. You have to take prior appointments, wait for your turn, try on a million dresses and then make a couple of more visits for fittings and changes. Basically, it is a very time-consuming process and an express bride-to-be does not have the luxury of time. 

Searching for pre-owned designer wedding dresses could be a much easier solution. This could also be the answer to finding a dress on short notice. There are many brick and mortar stores as well as online ones which offer pre-owned wedding outfits. They usually offer a variety of new, sample and used dresses for a bride to choose from.

Opt For Off-The-Rack Options


Obviously, you don’t have the time to go through a thousand fittings at a designer store. So, your next best option is picking up a dress off the rack from a bridal store. There are many good wedding dress boutiques which offer ready-made gowns. You can not only pick your dress from one of these boutiques but shop for your bridesmaids’ dresses as well. This way you can not only finish shopping for your own dress but can also coordinate your bridesmaids’ outfits at the same store.


Apart from these boutiques, there are also a few sellers who specialize in last minute wedding dress deliveries.  Some of these are e-commerce websites include Brides against Epilepsy and David’s Bridal store which is a unique chain of bridal boutiques available pan Canada that specializes in delivering dresses within a week’s time. 

Once you’re done buying your dress, you can refer to our complete guide to selecting the right headpiece for your wedding dress to complete the entire process of purchase in a single go.