Planning a Minimalist Wedding? Here’s What You Need to Know

September 10th, 2018

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Don’t we all dream of having a marvelous princess style wedding? Well, fantasizing is undoubtedly 100% inexpensive but the reality is far, far away from that. The average cost of a wedding is a whopping $30,717! And finding reasonably priced wedding venues on the desired date is next to impossible (yes, there are too many marriages happening). No wonder people these days love the idea of a minimal wedding.

A small scale wedding can be easily organized in your backyard or in a sophisticated wedding banquet hall where you conduct the nuptials and thereafter the reception. The planning and organizing processes become relatively simple. And, with the ‘less is more’ mantra, you can offer your small list of guests much more than what you would for a really large gathering. Let’s figure out how to go about planning a minimal wedding.

Find out What Matters to you Most

The first step is to understand what aspects of the wedding celebration matters to you. You can begin by creating a list of things required for your wedding ceremony. You can then discuss with your fiance about the things you really want on your wedding day. Some people might not want fancy wedding invitations or a professional DJ or an elaborate 7-course meal for the guests. You should tick off these things from your list and focus entirely on what matters to you the most.

Consider the True Purpose of the Event

While planning weddings, people tend to forget that the day is about the exchanging vows and not about the getting the most expensive wedding gown or having the biggest guest list. Maybe if couples focused more on preparing themselves for their marriage as opposed to the celebrations, then we can readily achieve the objective of a minimalist wedding.

Delegate Responsibilities to Loved Ones

Instead of getting a wedding organizer, you should consider getting your family and friends to contribute to your wedding day. This will make the whole event memorable for them as well. So, let go of your urge to control and let your near and dear ones help you. This will reduce your stress and let you have a lot more fun on your wedding day.

Don’t Fall into the Trap of Wedding-Specific Services

There are many wedding-specific services out there that are very highly priced. You can choose to avoid all of that by coming up with better alternatives. For example, if you plan to host a dinner at a restaurant, then just tell owners that you are having a party. This could help you get a relatively cheaper rate for the food as you avoid calling it a wedding dinner. Another thing to do would be to get rid of traditional wedding invitations and opt for a 100% digital wedding invite that would cost you less.

So, this was it on planning a minimalist wedding. We hope these tips help you plan a realistic yet fun-filled wedding day.