Draping In Style: Selecting The Right Headpiece For Your Wedding Dress

August 25th, 2017

Once you have selected the perfect wedding dress, the next task is finding the right headpiece for it. There are many online stores as well as traditional bridal boutiques that offer a complete selection of options ranging from flirtatious tiny hats to floor length, tissue veils. But this availability of a million products in the market can make it really confusing for the brides to figure out what you really want. We understand your dilemma and want to reduce your stress with our guide to selecting the right headpiece for your wedding dress. 

Here are a few pointers to help you choose the perfect one:

The Design of Your Wedding Dress


Your headpiece has to complement your wedding dress. It should match your gown’s style, color and design. A gown with an exquisite design and detail calls for an ornate headpiece. Similarly, a simple gown should be paired with a less elaborate headpiece. Also, the length of your veil should complement the length of your dress, the shorter the dress, the shorter the veil.


Types of Headpieces


To make sure you are selecting the right headpiece, try out each type of head ornament available and pick the one that compliments your dress and your personality perfectly:

Tiara: Feel like a Princess with a beautiful tiara. A tiara is versatile as you can wear with all kinds of hairstyles. If you love floral designs, then you can opt for tiara made of a selection of your wedding flowers or adorn one embellished with stones. You can also pair the tiara with a veil or wear it all by itself and look drop-dead gorgeous on your wedding day. 

People, Woman, Girl, Bride



Headbands offer a stylish way to make sure all your hair stays in place throughout the ceremony. They are also available in a variety of styles and can even be customized to complement your gown. For brides who have short hair, a designer headband is the best choice. You can also try out a forehead headband if you want to wear your hair down.

Hair Combs And Clips

Hair Combs And Clips


Embellished hair pins and combs are an elegant option for adorning your up-dos. They add a perfect touch of sparkle and glamor without going overboard. Having a hair comb-veil combination also lets you keep your hair well in place while adding a wispy glow to your attire. You can also pair some delicate hair combs with unique princess hairstyles to look like a Disney queen on your wedding day. 

Disney queen on your wedding day

Veil or No Veil


As per tradition, church brides have always worn a veil during the marriage ceremony. But over the years brides have started switching this traditional headpiece with more easy to wear options. However, a veil can be a gorgeous companion to flaunt with your wedding dress. If you feel comfortable with it, pair a gorgeous floor length veil with your sweeping wedding dress. In case you don’t feel this is the right option for you, just put on a tiara and dazzle away like a princess.

Disney queen

So here was your guide for selecting the right headpiece for your wedding dress. We hope this helps! You can also refer to our guide for selecting the perfect wedding venue or book a walk through at our exclusive banquet to check venue selection off your list.