Ultimate Conference Planning Checklist

June 18th, 2018

Conference Planning Checklist

Planning a conference is no cake walk. From deciding on the right corporate event venue to picking a theme, deciding on the decor, designing invitations, making the necessary arrangements for guests, and more go into planning a conference. Having a to-do checklist can make the task of planning easy. A checklist is a must to ensure everything goes smooth and to make sure you don’t miss out on the critical elements of planning a conference. To help you out, here is a timely conference planning checklist that you must have while planning your next conference:

Planning Milestone: One and a Half year Ahead of The Conference

Start with determining the objective of the conference and selection of a team to handle various tasks and departments of the conference. Once you have your basic plan for the conference in place, set a preliminary budget and propose sponsorship.

Search for a venue for the conference that meets all your requirements. After you’ve found the perfect place for conducting your conference, you must do the following things:

– Send request for proposal
– Conduct site visits
– Pick a date for the big event
– Book the chosen venue
– Create a market plan and an online page for registrations

Planning Milestone: Half a year Ahead of the Conference

Once you have decided the place and time, you have to look for potential speakers who will address the conference. This includes:

– Preparing and distributing proposal forms for the speakers
– Deciding a deadline for the review committee to review the proposals and notify all the accepted and declined proposers
– Selecting speakers who will be addressing the conference and making arrangements for their travel and accommodation
– Open registrations and making arrangements for attendees

The next step is to decide the theme and addressing the necessary requirements regarding the execution of the conference.

Planning Milestone: Three Months Ahead of the Conference

After selection of the venue and potential speakers for holding and addressing the conference respectively, arrange for the necessary equipment required

– Check the availability of audio and video equipment
– Order name tags, portfolios, notebooks, and other stationery, that may be required by attendees during the event
– Finalize event decor like linens, flowers, and food and refreshments for the guests

It is best to choose a venue that offers catering and decor services. At Mirage, we can help you execute the conference as you visualized it.

Planning Milestone: Few Weeks Ahead of the Conference

Last minute preparations and re-evaluations constitute a major part of this time before the conference.

– Confirm the number of guests who will be attending the conference along with the arrangements for their accommodations
– Send reminders to the speakers about the conference to keep them updated
– Ensure that all the required items that you had ordered is shipped to the venue before time for proper inspection
– Hold a pre-conference meeting with the team to ensure everything is in place

Planning Milestone: After the Conference is Over

Though the conference has ended, the work to pull off a successful conference is not over yet. After the event is over, you still have to make sure that you send thank you letters to the speakers and the VIPs. Also, send a post-event survey and conduct a post-conference meeting with the key players.

Planning a conference is a tedious job as there are too many things that need attention. But, with an ultimate conference planning checklist, you can keep track of everything efficiently. If you are planning a conference and looking for a suitable venue, then connect with us at Mirage Banquets. Our representatives will ensure your conference is a success.