5 Amazing Bouquet Ideas That Make Your Wedding Bloom

September 26th, 2017

All through your life, you have probably been the one who eagerly waited to catch the bouquet thrown by a bride. But now it’s your turn! Soon it will be your big day and you will be the one throwing your wedding bouquet towards an eager crowd of bachelorettes. However, with the multitude of designs and flower arrangements available, it can get confusing for you to decide on the perfect wedding bouquet. So, here is our guide on wedding flowers and bouquet ideas to help you decide:

Wreath Bouquet

If you’re leaning towards a more casual venue for your wedding, perhaps a barn or a lawn, then the wreath style bouquet is an ideal choice for you. It will perfectly complement your gown and add to the natural appeal of your look. A wreath bouquet is essentially a bunch of flowers held together with a ribbon or a burlap. The stems of the flowers are left open so the bouquet has a casual feel to it. 

Cascading Bouquet

Add some drama to your outfit with a cascade style bouquet. This type of bouquet mainly comprises of flowers which are spilling all over your hands in a free-flowing manner. Vines and orchids are the ideal choices for cascade style bouquets. They give your bouquet an ultimate vintage feel and most importantly make you look like a million bucks.

cascade style bouquet

Posy Bouquet

Posy bouquets

Posy style bouquets are a more organized option for brides who want to keep at least one of their hands free. These bouquets are easy to carry and you can hold them with just one hand. Posy bouquets can be usually characterized by a bunch of flowers adorned with velvet or pearl pins. This bouquet is perfect for the delicate and understated look.  

Princess Bouquet

light-colored floral blooms

A princess style bouquet is usually heart-shaped and comprises of light-colored floral blooms. Pink roses are the most preferred type of flowers for this style. White baby’s breath flowers are also used as fillers in the posy. This combination makes for the ultimate dream bouquet for brides. If you have always dreamt of a vintage style outfit for your wedding day, then the princess style bouquet is the perfect choice for you. 

Round Bouquet

 flower in your entire bouquet

A round shaped bouquet gives you the freedom to have just a single type of flower in your entire bouquet. This can be a bunch of red roses or lilies or orchids just put together in a round or organic shape. This type of bouquet looks great with all types of wedding outfits because it has a monochromatic color scheme. 

So these were a few types of wedding flowers and bouquet ideas for you to choose from. To complete your wedding look, you can refer to our guide on princess wedding hairstyles and look like a fairy princess on your special day.