Wedding Caterers: 6 Steps to Select the Perfect Wedding Menu

January 11th, 2018

The food served at your wedding reception can make or break the celebrations. That is the reason, you need to put some extra thought towards selecting the catering services for your big day. After all, you don’t want your guests to leave the venue disappointed and empty. The food and beverages served at your wedding not only fuel the celebration but also give you a chance to stylize your wedding dècor. From choosing the right wedding caterers in Edmonton to deciding on the flavor and aesthetics of the food and drinks served, you need to consider various factors while deciding the menu.

Here are a few tips on crafting the perfect wedding menu:

Nail Down a Budget

Cost is an important consideration while planning your wedding menu. Setting a budget makes it easier to shortlist the wedding caterers in Edmonton, the serving style, and the food and drink options. Establishing a budget also helps you stay on track. Make sure you also account for the approximate number of guests when drawing a budget.

Choose the Right Wedding Caterers in Edmonton

A perfect menu begins with the selection of the right caterer. To pick the best caterers you will have to book them well in advance, i.e. around 12 months out; at the same time, you’re booking the venues. Since some venues may require you to go with their in-house caterers, you must request a tasting before finalizing them. If they are not up to your expectations, then ask friends and family or research online to find good caterers.

Consider Dietary Restrictions and Allergies

Many people are advised to have gluten-free foods, while others are allergic to specific food items. Make sure you account for dietary restrictions and allergies of your guests when planning the menu. Speak to your caterers about these requirements well in advance so that every guest is taken care of.

Choose a Dining Style

Do you want a gourmet style dinner or do you wish to opt for a sit-down meal with multiple courses? Do you want a less formal dining style because your event involves dancing and other activities? Depending on the event and your preferences, select a dining style. Rotating appetizers and buffet system are great for an event filled with activities, while a sit-down meal goes well with a simple event where food is the focus.

Keep Local and Seasonal Flavors in Mind

Who doesn’t like to enjoy foods that include the freshest flavors of the season? Good caterers plan their menus with local and seasonal foods in mind. Consult with your caterer on the freshest ingredients available around your wedding date. You may also consider going with locally grown foods to craft the perfect menu.

Seasonal Flavors in Mind

Don’t Forget the Presentation and Portions

Great flavor is highly essential. But, the presentation is equally important. Make sure your food not only tastes good but also looks good. Choosing a caterer who is creative with their presentation is a great idea. You must also not scrimp on the portion recommendation that your caterer gives you. Your wedding caterers in Edmonton are experienced and will only suggest you the best.

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