Wedding hairstyles straight out of a princess dream

August 21st, 2017

Hair Style


There’s hardly a bride in the world who hasn’t dreamt of looking like a Disney princess on her wedding day. However, as a grown up, the extravagant castles and the voluminous ball gowns may seem a bit too much for your tastes. But, you can still include a little bit of princess magic in your special day with amazing Disney hairstyles.

Decorated with wild floral blooms or covered with a flirtatious fish-net, these stylish hairdos can be easily customized to suit any hair length and type. The only problem is an abundance of choices. To make sure you find the right one, you need to consider your face cut, the style of your gown, your wedding theme and most importantly your bridal colors.

Here are a few easy princess hairstyles to make this selection a little easier for you:

Elsa’s Bohemian Braid 

Luscious and bold, Elsa’s bohemian braid is the ideal hairstyle for a free-spirited bride. You can style it up with some gorgeous, wild flowers or add some sparkly accessories, this hairstyle lets you make a statement effortlessly. Ideally suited for a high-neck or full-sleeved fish-cut gown, this style is a good option for brides who prefer voluminous coiffures but don’t want excessively pokey pins and clips. Couple it with the candle lights of a rustic chic wedding décor and you have a winner.

sweetheart neckline

Cinderella’s Traditional Updo

Traditional and classic, this hairdo is for all those brides who have an extra romantic bone in their body. Paired with huge, downy skirts and a playful, sweetheart neckline, this hairstyle is a definite front-runner. Pastel bridal palettes and a lush, floral wedding theme would bring out the romance of this up-do really well.

Belle’s French Half Updo

A French twist is never a bad idea, especially when it comes in the form of Belle’s classic Beauty and the Beast coiffure. Pair it with a puff-sleeved gown with heavy skirts to bring out the opulence of the design. Combined with vintage, glitzy décor settings and a citrusy wedding palette, this hairstyle would have the spotlight it deserves. 

citrusy wedding palette

Ariel’s Beachy Waves

Young, wild and free. Ariel’s free-flowing beachy waves say all this and more. Suited for brides who dislike restraining their wild locks in any restrictive fashion, this hairstyle would be best paired with a narrow-cut, floor length silk gown and strapless bodice. A beach themed wedding décor with an emerald – turquoise blue color palette would be the perfect setting to highlight this coiffure.

free-flowing beachy waves

Snow White’s Faux Bob

Although a pixie or a bob cut hairstyle looks really cute, it might not exactly be what you had in mind for your wedding day. Fret not little bride, the Snow White Faux Bob to the rescue. Just add a few extensions to your locks and curl them in a faux bob to get that perfect princess hairstyle. Go for a feisty, off-shoulder dress with knee-length, fluffy skirts to show off your hairdo. A winter wonderland décor with color washed walls and fairy light decorations would complement this bridal look really well.

Keep these easy princess hairstyles in mind while picking your bridal dress and your wedding décor. You can also refer to our guide on how to select a wedding venue or book a walk through at our deluxe banquet to finalize the décor for your special day.