Wedding Send-Off Alternatives to Confetti and Rice

July 16th, 2018

Wedding send-off is a great way to wish the newly married couple best wishes as they start a new life. Tossing rice at weddings is an age-old tradition that symbolizes fertility, prosperity, and growth. Today, many couples wish to use other creative wedding send-off ideas to make their marriage a unique one. If you also want to use some creative alternatives, we have collated few of the most favorite wedding send-off alternatives to confetti and rice.

Wedding Send Off Ideas


Lavender or Rose Petals

Lavender or rose petals are wedding toss staple. These are a biodegradable alternative to confetti and rice. Flower petals especially lavender and rose add a scented touch to the atmosphere. Also, it will make your wedding day more memorable as it will keep reminding you of the moment whenever you’ll come across the fragrance of these flowers. You can also choose dried petals of these flowers for the wedding send-off ceremony.


Sparklers are another great alternative to the traditional wedding send offs – confetti and rice. Sparklers add glamour to a wedding send off ceremony. If your wedding send off is scheduled in the late evening, sparklers are your best choice as they can add some fun element, as well as visual appeal to the ceremony. You can present extra sparkler sticks to the newly wedded couple with their names on the wrapper. Don’t forget they also make a great prop to get some memorable clicks.

Paper Planes

Colorful paper planes flying as the newly wedded couple exits sounds so much fun. Customize paper airplanes with the name of the bride and groom on it, their photograph, or best wishes. This makes the atmosphere cheerful. Just the thought of flying paper airplanes brings a smile to the faces of the newly wedded couple and the guests as well.


Feathers are another beautiful alternative for wedding send offs. You can opt to have the same kind of feathers or different ones depending on your wedding theme. Feathers are also easy to clean up, unlike rice and confetti.

Sky Lanterns

Sky lanterns can be a fantastic wedding send-off, especially during evenings. These are a part of every girl’s wedding dreams and they make weddings feel no less than a fairytale. You can opt for biodegradable sky lanterns as well. But, you need be more careful while using them as they can turn out to be dangerous if not handled cautiously.


Bubbles make the wedding send-off more cheerful and happy. It brings out the child in everybody and puts a smile on every face. You can customize the bottles according to your theme and add an exciting element to the wedding send-off ceremony.

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